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SUPREME OPEN & AMATEUR for Kingswood Horse Farm & HT Da Magic Moment

We are back home @ Kingswood Horse Farm after a magical weekend! Thanks to all the lovely people and beautiful horses that made this weekend unforgettable:

** HT Da Magic Moment ** AMHA AMATEUR SUPREME CHAMPION AMHA OPEN SUPREME CHAMPION AMHA Amateur GRAND Champion Mares AMHA Open GRAND Champion Jr. Mares AMHA Champion Amateur Jr. Mares 30”-33” AMHA Open Yearling Mares 30”-32” AMHA AOTE Jr. Mares

AMHR GRAND of GRAND Champions Mares –under AMHR GRAND Champion Amateur Mares -under AMHR GRAND Champion Jr. Mares 33" and under AMHR Champion Amateur Junior Mares - under AMHR Champion Yearling mares 30"-32" Owned by Conni Schneider

** Modello Hawks EJ Ballerina Hawk ** SUPREME CHAMPION non-R GRAND Champion Mares non-R Champion Junior Mares non-R Owned by Kingswood Horse Farm

** Moritzbergs Fancy Major ** AMHA Champion Amateur Jr. Stallion 30” and under AMHA Open Yearling Champion Stallions 28” – 30” AMHA AOTE res. Champion Jr. Stallions Owned by Christina Zeitelhack

Our specials thanks goes out to the IMHC for organizing such a wonderful show. We also would like to thank Sami Scheuring for judging this weekend!


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