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At Kingswood Horse Farm, we are dedicated to breeding and showing the finest miniature horses. Our farm is home to some of the most beautiful and talented miniature horses in the industry. Our miniature horses are bred to be the best, and we are committed to ensuring they are well taken care of and receive the love and attention they deserve. Whether you’re looking for a show horse, or simply a beloved companion, you will find it at Kingswood Horse Farm.

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Kingswood After Dark Maserati

Supreme Champion 

- owned by Julie Holm-Sorensen-


Modello MT Bailamos Cellini

Multiple Grand Champion 

- Available for purchase-

American miniature horse

The American Miniature Horse is a breed that finds its origin in the USA. The American miniature horse is a very sweet and kind breed and are also very suitable for kids. They are very versatile and you can show  drive, halter, jump, ride (small children) or do horse agility with the Miniature Horse. They are also used as therapy horse in eldery homes and hospitals. The American Miniature horse the sweetest and most beautiful creature to have around and just adore in your pasture.


Kingswood Horse Farm is a small breeding farm in the middle of the Netherlands that is breeding high quality American miniature horses, which are registered in three American studbooks (American Miniature Horse Associaton (AMHA), American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) and American Shetland Pony (ASPC)). It is good to keep in mind that the American Shetland Pony is something totally different then the European shetland pony. The American shetland finds it origin in smaller arabian horses and hackney's, making them extreme in refinement, attitude and movement.

Kingswood Horse Farm is breeding  a small group of top quality foals every year. Every year we plan our combinations very carefully to make sure to breed and sell only the best version of a small horse  Please feel free to get in touch or to visit Kingswood Horse Farm to fall in love with our horses.



We are proud that many of our horses, and the horses that we bred are winning in Europe. We have bred European Grand and reserve Supreme Champions! Even with just limited breeding, we have been able to breed, grow and show champions! 

In Europe you can show at different shows, in different classes, like 'halter', 'jumper', 'driving', 'color class', hunter' etc. We are showing at ICAMH, IMHC, Eusam and NMPRS. We also like to attend local organised shows, like 'Equuspirit'. 


We plan combinations, search through bloodlines, and eventually we expect a new life. With miniature horses, other then big horses, you will always need to be present at the time of foaling, since more likely then with big horses a foaling might go wrong due to f.e. a wrong positioning of the foal. 


We are working to bring a - non invasible - birth alarm system to the market. Soon more information about the system will be presented. Stay tuned! 


Since we are breeders and cannot keep all the foals, junior or senior horses each year, we regularly offer our horses or foals for sale to good homes.

Since many years we are selling throughout Europe and Beyond. Many of the horses have been shown very succesfully, including Multiple Supreme, Reserve Supreme and Grand Champions. 

Visit the farm!

Epe, the Netherlands



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